About The Owners

Owner Listing Story:

My name is Rebekah McGee, my husband Sean and I have been married for 19 years. We reside in New Iberia Louisiana (Cajun Country) with our 16 year old son Nicholas, and our 24 year old daughter Gabrielle who visits us often! She lives in New Orleans LA where she attends Law School at Loyola University. I own a Real Estate Brokerage and my husband Sean is a general contractor.
We also own several rent homes and recently purchased our first beach vacation rentals in Gulf Shores Alabama! We have always taken pride in our rent homes, going above and beyond making sure they are maintained and in pristine condition. We continue to offer the same level of quality and Southern hospitality to our guests at our beach homes!
When I was a little girl, I spent many years vacationing with my family at my Aunt’s beach condo. Such great memories were made there! There’s something about the beach that draws me in. The soft rhythm of the waves crashing... the warm feel of the sand between my toes. I can breathe better at the beach! I used to dream about owning a condo at the beach and waking up every day to the sound of the waves. 
My husband Sean shares that same love of the beach. We finally decided to turn our dreams into a reality! We purchased our first Beach Vacation rentals in Gulf Shores Alabama!
Although we don’t live in Gulf Shores full time, we still get to enjoy our condos when they are not rented! We also get to share them with others and hear stories about their wonderful family vacations and the quality time they get to spend with their loved ones!  To us that’s the best of both worlds....creating our happy place and sharing it with others!  We would love to help you and your family plan your next beach vacation!

Why Purchased:

We originally thought we wanted to purchase a condo in Orange Beach because it was closer to Florida... That was until we began shopping and we stayed at a few condos on that end.  The beaches were crowded.  The streets were busy, and it just didn't feel right.  Then we drove down to Gulf Shores. It is truly a little Beach Town! We fell in love with the area.  The parks and recreation areas are amazing, the sidewalks were wider, folks were walking and riding bikes.  This area was more my style.  Island Royale is a smaller condominium complex with less number of units in the building, but it still offers the same amenities as the larger complexes. Indoor and outdoor pools, fitness room, steam room and sauna, and an outdoor grilling area.  The thing I really noticed was how clean the entrances and walkways were.  The maintenance department does a really good job of keeping things looking and smelling nice! Then we walked out onto the balcony.  That's what did it for me!  The spacious curved balcony offered a panoramic view just in time for the sunset! Still my favorite place to end the day!!!